company information

Company name JC PLAN Corporation
Representative Director President Nomura Yen
Date of establishment 2005 year August 29
Capital amount One thousand five hundred million yen
Services Travel
Worker dispatch business based on the Worker Dispatch Business Law
Contracted travel guide service
Culture class、Language class
Planning and operation of events and exhibitions
Import, export and sale of household goods, clothing, automobile parts, printing equipment, and food products
Translation and interpretation services
Advertising production and sales promotion planning
Production and sales of printed materials, publications, and images
Supporting affairs for foreign trainees and international students
Consultation for foreign companies and organizations
Consulting services for Japanese companies and organizations
Non-life insurance agency business
Pasenger car、Chartered passenger car、Transportation business
Business incidental to the above
Employee Domestic:29 person of company employee
350 person of tour guide(signed contract)
50 person of guide interpreter(signed contract)
※Until 2019 year September
Personality and others Travel industry registration
The travel agency registration of Osaka Tourism Bureau NO 2-2367 (June 2018 Changed from 3 types to 2 types )
Liaison Committee for Tourist Companies Accepting Tourists Visiting Japan ( China Association )Specified supplier(May 2006 )
General worker dispatch business permit  Permit NO Normal27-301946 (September 2013 )
Domestic itinerary management training institution Certify Director General of Tourism Agency Certify Registered training institution NO.47(March 2016 )
Tour OperatorQuality certification Certificate registration number 2016-004(April 2016 )
JIPDEC privacy mark Registeration NO.2182(01)(July 2016 )


Katamachi, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka
1 Chome 3-11 JC Osaka Building


2005.08 株式会社JCプラン設立
2006.02 訪日観光指定業者認定(日本国政府観光庁)
2006.12 大阪市北区天神橋2丁目北一番21号八千代ビル東館に移転
2010.12 一般社団法人日本旅行業協会(JATA)に加盟
2014.08 協同組合大阪府旅行業協会(OATA)に加盟
2015.08 大阪市都島区片町1丁目3番11号 JC大阪ビルに移転