To be honest with people,be the company trusted by the others.

Since JC PLAN corporation established in 2005,JC PLAN corporation han handled not only sightseeing trip,we also undertake different kind of trips. Our main customers like goverments related organizations, private companies, associations ,individuals through travel agencies around the world.We plan trip for the people for Consideration, business talks ,medical care ,cultural exchange ,MICE from planning to implementations with arrangements that follow customers requirements.
We have over 100000 imbound visiters per year from China market and more than 10000 from Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia New Zealand and other markets.
We are the most professional travel company. We begin from the guide who have the qualification translator, various public qualifications in Japan are using to build different of domestic network.
We have High quality service, Excellent Translator guide, The operator that full of experience, Completeful management system .We can used our skills to developed the market or planning the projects, we will contribute to friendly relationships and economic development with contries around the world.
Lastly, our phisolophy is be honest with people, be the company trusted by the others. Eventhough we came from different countries, different races, speak with different language, we feel that conversation is the most important things around the world.
With this philosophy in mind,we would like to contribute to the realization of an ideal international society through international exchanges such as culture and business by both parties in order to be a bridege between Japanese market and other market.We are looking forward for your continued support and encouragement.


President Nomura Yen